Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  When does the Auction open?

The Auction opens in mid-April and generally goes through late November.  Weather and crop availability plays a major role in determining the exact dates.

2.  How many auctioneers are used?

Thru 2002 the Co-op was a live buyer interactive auction with an auctioneer announcing product and lots available for bid. In 2002 a state-of-the-art electronic auction clock was installed.

3.  How long does a sale take?

Each transaction or sale takes approximately twenty seconds per lot.

4.  What time does the Auction start?

Auctions occur every day except Sunday and begin at 10:45 AM evey morning.

5.  How much must I buy?

Lots are auctioned with minimum purchase quantities.  Each commodity is different but as a general rule, the minimum lot sizes are 25 packages and go as high as 164 packages per sale.

6.  Is transportation available?

There are numerous transportation companies that serve the Auction and are available to transport your purchases.

7.  Is cooling available?

Cooling is an integral part of the cold chain and the Cooperative maintains a state of the are cooling facility and offers: hydro cooling, vacuum cooling and forced air cooling.