Vineland Produce Auction: Brokers

"Many of the brokers who now bid at the Vineland Auction are sons of farmers who first formed the cooperative"     -    Rita Zorn Moosammy

Our brokers / buyers are either buyers who are licensed and bonded in the State of New Jersey as required by N.J. S.A. 4:11-14 or cash buyers.
We offer two ways to buy:
-- you can attend our sales, or
-- once established, we offer remote sales with the purchase of our closed units.

Vineland Produce Auction: Become A Broker


To purchase on credit you are required by N.J.S.A. 4:11-14 to submit to the Department of Agriculture and obtain a Merchant’s Broker’s License. A copy of the NJ Department Agriculture application can be downloaded from our web site: or from the NJ Department of Agriculture web site: A copy of the License and required surety, as well as a credit application must be submitted to the main office before you can be approved to buy on credit.

List of Current Brokers

Current Brokers