Services of the Vineland Produce Auction

Vineland Produce Auction:
Services Available To Members And Brokers

Auction - Monday through Saturday Jersey Fresh produce is sold starting at 10:45am. Our line draw for members selling occurs at 6:00 am via a random number generator and is available via email. Growers must call in before 10:15 am to be in that catalog and save their place in line. Growers calling in after 10:15 will go to the end of the line. The catalog is available to the growers and buyers by 10:30 am via email or fax. Deliveries should be within two hours of selling unless stipulated at the time of the sale.

Vineland Auction

Cooler - Pre-cooling is available via hydro, vacuum, or forced air, depending on the product. All produce is pre-cooled before being transported into the cooler for storage.

Vineland Auction Cooler

Ice - 3, 5, or 7 lb bags, loose or blown ice is available. We have the capability of blowing ice on corn trucks.

Vineland Auction Ice House

Warehouse - supplies from the green house to shipping are available for purchase. You can download our catalog here. Below are the links to some of our vendors if you need something special:

Vineland Auction Warehouse

Vineland Produce Auction: Recipes

You can find our select recipes at the page below; Recipes