Vineland Produce Auction History

Vineland Produce Auction: History

In April of 1930 a group of Vineland growers got together to create the Vineland Produce Auction. They obtained a gravel pit, five acres, on North Main Road from the Landis Township. The first officers were President Jack Thornbarrow, Vice President Joseph Moiso, Secretary Oswald Stern and Directors Frank Miller, Harold Clark, Alex Tonetta, Lou Campregher, Joseph Castagnoia, and Joseph Scarpa.

The first auction block shed was built for $437.00, by John Ferrarie. Douglas Reed was hired as the first auction master and auctioneer, and the first sale took place on May 21, 1931 at 12 noon. The first adding machine was purchased in July of 1931 for $65.00 on time payments of $10.00 down and $5.00 per month. As a result the board of directors made a motion to cut expenses and reduced the auctioneer's salary from $5.00 per day to $2.50 per day.

Some of the first produce buyers were: Viano Brothers, Dandrea, Morris L. Mole, Joseph Yore, Ralph Dauito Sr., Morris April Brothers, Musto and Bianchi.

Since that time a lot has changed and yet the basic operations remain the same. The Produce Auction is still owned and operated by the members. Many are descendants from the founding members and many of our produce buyers are also descendants from the original buyers. We no longer have that original adding machine and have upgraded to computers. Via our auction master and an electronic clock the produce is still auctioned off six days a week Monday through Saturday, from mid April to the end of November. Our grounds and services have expanded to meet today's demands. Services offered are precooling, cooling storage, ice and a warehouse with supplies from greenhouse supplies to packaging and shipping supplies.

Vineland Produce Auction: Historical Photographs